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  • Interviews with Avner Boskey

    Click here to listen to a few interviews from Avner Boskey.  Avner and Rachel Boskey (his wife) live in the Beersheva region of Israel and are dedicated to stirring up the creative arts, worship, intercession, evangelism and the prophetic gifts within a Jewish and Israeli matrix. Over the last two decades Avner and Rachel have […]

  • A Memorial Day to Remember

    In modern Israel’s short history, we have suffered the loss of 23,320 victims of war and terror.  In a country of 8.3 million people, that started out 67 years ago with just 600,000, (then, losing a full one percent of the population in its first war), this is a huge proportion.  In the past year, […]

  • Two Minute Mourning

    Today I woke up to the sound of a huge clap of thunder, and then I heard the steady sound of a driving rain on the street in front of my house, on the windows, and rushing down the gutters.  I got out of bed, had coffee, served my kids breakfast, drove them to the […]

  • Insights With Rabbi Jeff | Zechariah 10

    The restorationistic theme of so much of Zechariah continues in chapter 10.  The people of Israel/Judah have mistakenly trusted in false gods, prophets, and priests in the past, and, have paid a severe price for this error.  Now, Adonai tells them to call on Him for spring rain.  He makes the storm clouds, rain showers, […]

  • What if Jesus Were Born Now?

    By Jonathan Feldstein December 25, 2014 , 12:00 pm   The recent wave of terrorist incidents that has Israelis looking over their shoulders—both literally and figuratively—overlapping with the holiday season, got me thinking: What if Jesus were born today? As 2014 ends, Israelis have been plagued with war, increased terrorism, and an ongoing incitement of violence […]

  • Insights With Rabbi Jeff | Zechariah 9

    The ninth chapter of Zechariah begins the move to the specific means Adonai will use to deliver His people.  The surrounding nations, who have not only oppressed Israel, but, have acted as cheering sections for all the others who did her harm, will now have their comeuppance.  The Lord will draw the attention of the […]

  • Insights With Rabbi Jeff | Zechariah 8: 7 – 8

    We now continue to look at the remarkable 8th chapter of the equally remarkable prophecy of Zechariah. In our previous examination of the beginning of this chapter, we saw that the Lord promises a change of direction in his actions toward the covenant people of Israel. ”I will return to Zion and dwell in the […]

  • Insights With Rabbi Jeff | Zechariah 8: 12 – 23

    We again take up the examination of the 8th chapter of Zechariah. In the first eleven verses, the Lord describes a complete reversal of policy toward His people. Where before, He was acting on the promised wrath pre-stated in passages such as Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, now He looks to heal and restore.  The […]