Click here to listen to a few interviews from Avner Boskey.  Avner and Rachel Boskey (his wife) live in the Beersheva region of Israel and are dedicated to stirring up the creative arts, worship, intercession, evangelism and the prophetic gifts within a Jewish and Israeli matrix.

Over the last two decades Avner and Rachel have raised their family in the Negev.  During these years they established weekly worship and prayer meetings for local believers and for thousands of visitors from many nations.  They have written and recorded much original Messianic worship music.  They oversee a loose-knit community of worshippers, intercessors and prophetic artists in the Negev.  They have hosted seminars on the prophetic gifts and prophecy in Scripture.  They have shared the good news of Israel’s Redeemer, and have helped to foster an increase in Messianic ministry in the Negev.


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