Thomas and Tzipora Blackburn and family have worked on behalf of Israel and the Messiah of Israel for many years leading tours, speaking, and encouraging support for Israel, having themselves lived in the Land.

Israel is where Thomas began writing newsletters relating the Scriptures to current world events. Upon their return to the United States, the newsletters continued and in 2006, their nonprofit organization, HaShomer, was born.

HaShomer organizes and hosts tours to Israel to help break down fears and prejudices and help people to better understand Israel’s place in G-d’s plan and purpose. We offer the opportunity for congregational leaders and others to join us and learn about Israel today.  Although not a travel agency, we help other groups in planning their own tours to meet the needs of that particular group.

The specific objectives and purposes of HaShomer are to promote a deeper understanding of the Holy Scriptures, of Israel, and current world events as they pertain to fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

Thomas passed away in 2018, having dedicated his life to serving the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua.

Tzipora, along with Rabbi Jeffrey Adler and a dedicated board, continue the work today. 

About Rabbi Jeffrey Adler:

Jeffrey Adler is a native of Cincinnati and a product of its school system. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree and planning to go to law school, he felt God speaking to him through Isaiah 6 and calling him to Himself. That led to obtaining a Master of Divinity degree and becoming a Messianic Jewish rabbi, leading congregations in Cincinnati and Indianapolis over a career of more than 40 years. His passion is to open Adonai’s anointed Scriptures, with a special emphasis on His faithfulness to Israel and the Jewish people and its implications for the nations of the world.