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The Week to Pray for Israel

by Jonathan Feldstein On January 15, leaders from some 70 plus countries will meet in Paris to discuss issues relating to the Arab Israel conflict, specifically between the Palestinians and Israel. There’s deep and legitimate concern that following the one sided UN Security Council Resolution 2334 last month, that this Paris gathering will be the […]

The Obama Intifada

by Jonathan Feldstein In the waning days of his presidency, and thanks to his vendetta against Israel exemplified in the betrayal at the UN on December 23 (Resolution 2334), 2017 will become the year of the Obama Intifada. If you’re not familiar with it, intifada is Arabic for, the act of “shaking off.” It’s become […]

Remembering and Replicating Kristine’s Love for Israel

by Jonathan Feldstein I never knew Kristine Luken but I feel like I did. I feel that we were old friends, that I knew her well. It’s strange because on one hand I know very little about her, but on the other hand I feel like I know most everything that was important. I feel […]

Jimmy Carter Spreads Anti-Israel Venom like Cancer

by Jonathan Feldstein It’s always interesting when Jimmy Carter raises his head from the depths of his presidency in exile, like a perennial groundhog. The main difference is that when groundhogs raise their head, it forecasts either more winter or an early spring. In Carter’s case, it’s always gloom and blame of Israel.   As President […]