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Rain: A Blessing and A Curse

by Jonathan Feldstein We live in a very modern world so much so that the mere ability to read this article is the result of a sophisticated electric grid, an internet that’s turned the world into a virtual community, and any number of devices on which this can be read. Innovation and technology has abounded […]

Psalm 116

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler “I love Adonai, for He hears my voice, my cries. Because He has turned His ear to me, I will call on Him all my days.” So begins Psalm 116, one of the Hallel Psalms, that powerful collection of Psalms 114-118 traditionally cited at special seasons of the calendar, most notably […]

Psalm 96

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler It is profound how often the Scriptures refer to music. The prophets commonly wrote and prophesied in poetry. The book of Psalms is really a book of the hymnal of ancient Israel. Rabbi Paul encouraged believers to worship with “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, making melody…”. Biblical faith is not merely […]

Grace At Passover

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler Many people think of the Tanakh as a book of law and anger, judgement and destruction, in contrast to the New Covenant as being filled with love, mercy, and grace. Since God is the Author of both, and, He is not schizophrenic, His Nature and character would be consistent and the […]