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Psalm 8

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler David must have often sat in the evening on the roof of his palace, staring at the heavens and the stars, recounting in his mind all the wonderful things that Adonai had done for him, bringing him from taking care of the sheep of his father, sparing him from wild animals, […]

Jehoshaphat’s Challenge

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler We often find that, despite our desire for a smooth, untroubled, life, that challenges appear that ruffle our feathers and cause us to wonder whether God really is with us. Such an occasion occurred during the life and reign of the great and godly Jewish king, Jehoshaphat. This man, whose name […]

A House for David

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler In I Chronicles 17, David is troubled by the lack of a solid house for the presence of Adonai. He feels guilty that, while he lives in a magnificent palace on Mount Zion, the Ark of the Lord resides in a tent. His love for God is so great that he […]

Waiting For the Promised Messiah

by HaShomer staff King Zedekiah of Judah was the last king to reign in the Land of Israel. Nebuchadnezzar had appointed Zedekiah king at the age of 21, but he only reigned for 11 years, from 597 – 586 BC; at which time he was taken prisoner to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar. He refused to heed […]