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Psalm 118

by Rabbi Jeffrey A. Adler “Hodu l’Adonai ki-tov ki l’olam chasdo!”. “Praise Adonai, for He is good, for His lovingkindness endures forever.” So begins the last of the canonical psalms of the grouping called “Hallel”, or “praise”. While all the psalms have some element of praise, these (Psalms 113-118) are specifically recited at the special […]

Psalm 117

by Rabbi Jeffrey A. Adler Psalm 117, besides being the shortest chapter in the Bible, is another of that special collection of the Psalms known as the “Hallel Psalms”, praise psalms read/recited at special seasons of the Biblical/ Jewish calendar, most notably, Passover. “Hallel” means “praise”, which is the main theme of these great psalms, […]

The Ghost of Purim and the Prince of Persia

by Avner Boskey The Ghost of Purim and the Prince of Persia  The Feast of Purim is about to roar into town! Those who love the Scriptures will meditate once again on the Jewish-Persian Scroll of Esther – remembering the agony and the ecstasy of how the Jewish people were nearly destroyed by an evil […]

Rain: A Blessing and A Curse

by Jonathan Feldstein We live in a very modern world so much so that the mere ability to read this article is the result of a sophisticated electric grid, an internet that’s turned the world into a virtual community, and any number of devices on which this can be read. Innovation and technology has abounded […]