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  • The Syrian Refugee Quagmire

    by Jonathan Feldstein Watching and reading reports of Syrians fleeing the death and violence that’s marked their country’s civil war on steroids since the beginning of the “Arab Spring” is heart wrenching and compelling. The good news is that the human tragedy is now on the global radar albeit a solution is far away. While…


  • To Everything There Is A Season

    By: D. Blackburn To Everything There Is A Season “Racheli hayita hashemesh.” Racheli was the sun she said through her tears. It was Yom HaZikaron 2001, my first soldiers’ remembrance day living in Israel. As she spoke we stood in silence class by class, a sea of white shirts and black pants (the required uniform…


  • ISIS – The Household Four Letter Word – Part I

    by Jonathan Feldstein Unfortunately ISIS has become a four letter household word with which most westerners and Arabs are quite familiar. The past several months ISIS has been in the news for a variety of brutal acts including burning, beheading, crucifixion, and shooting to death of captives, and rape, slavery, and many other acts of…