Zechariah 14 (continued)


As we continue into Zechariah’s 14th chapter, we find that the return of Yeshua to rescue Jerusalem has ongoing ripples in the sea of Israel’s place among the nations.

First off are the repercussions in Nature. “In that day there will be no light, cold, or frost. It will be a day known only to Adonai, neither day nor night- even in the evening time there will be light.” (vss, 6-7). The cycles of the sun and moon will apparently be altered so that predicting everyday events like nightfall and sunrise will be difficult, if not impossible. Man will be totally dependent on the Lord for things like telling time. Daylight will last all daylong. Imagine how romantic concepts like moonlight will be altered. Revelation and Daniel describe how the Antichrist will alter times and seasons; here the Lord seizes back control.

Verse 8 speaks of “living waters” flowing from Jerusalem, half toward the Mediterranean and half toward the eastern sea- possibly Lake Kinneret (Galilee), the Dead Sea, or another sea formed by the upheaval of the land.

All this change and upheaval will result, according to verse 9, in the primacy of Adonai over all powers and deities of the earth. “Adonai will then be King over all the earth. In that day Adonai will be Echad and His Name Echad.” This passage, part of the liturgical blessing of the Aleynu, part of almost every Jewish service, declares the eschatological promise of God’s ascendancy in the earth, the rejection of every rival deity, and the repentance of the nations from paganism and turning to the Living God. In this context, “ Echad” (one) might best be understood as “alone” or “only”. It would be very difficult to see what the Lord does on behalf of Jerusalem and the repercussions for Nature and not acknowledge Him and reject other gods.

The text then goes on to state that the whole land will be like the desert, apparently in topography more than climate. The rugged topography, so much an obstacle historically to travel around the land, will be radically altered. Prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah frequently call for the removal of the rocks and obstacles from the roadways to allow the people of Israel to return. Passages such as Isaiah 62 and Jeremiah 21 tout the removal of these items in order for God’s people to come home. Adonai dearly wants His people to come home and will move earth and sky to do it.

Baruch haShem!

Jeffrey A. Adler

Rabbi Jeffrey Adler is on the Board of HaShomer and also Rabbi of Sha’arey Yeshua in Indianapolis, IN.