by Thomas Blackburn


The United States changes from day to day

When I was a kid it wasn’t that way;

The national anthem gave me butterflies to sing,

A lump in my throat the Pledge of Allegiance did bring.


We were taught in school, pride and respect

Of family and country, of old people don’t neglect;

A policeman had authority and walked with pride,

Our military, the strongest, not to be denied.


World influence such progress we made

Our government strong, our hope in it laid.

America! America! God shed His grace on thee;

Pride is what I felt inside of me.


What went wrong these past years;

Has the pride lessened and been replaced by fear?

Through communication has a spell been cast?

Does technology give us our news too fast?


The shooting of leaders happened elsewhere,

Riots and revolts we didn’t dare.

Has moral decay replaced our will to lead,

Denying the elders who planted our seed?


We try to improve equality for all,

But throughout our ranks people want us to fall.

Infiltration from outside is taking place,

Our court system screwed up is a horrible disgrace.


Policemen are called “pigs” the young flaunt the law,

“No judicial strength” is the older people’s call;

Bigots, corruption in all facets of life,

The military deteriorating with our internal strife.


Our enemies poison our blood if they can,

As smuggled in dope adds to our sin:

The movie industry, a teacher of youth we know,

And movies of trash make our moral decay grow.


What will happen? Will we continue to digress?

In front of the world will we openly undress,

To show the scars we have inside?

America the great with diminishing pride.


Karl Marx said, “Victory without lifting a gun”

Our internal suffering to others must be fun;

People of this nation open your eyes,

In our country hide our enemies in disguise.


The C.I.A. and F.B.I. an important tool,

A warning to others not to fool;

Look right now what is taking place,

A lessening strength, a changing face.


In our school system students can’t add or spell;

Will our future leaders lead us well?

Yes, now is the time to stand up and fight

To search for leaders who will make it right.


Pride! Pride! I’m an American,

We’re people of all races and united we stand;

Like a dentist, let us clean the decay inside

Be strong against our enemies and not be denied.


Tzipora Reports