Decide Today – Who is your Husband?


by Yosef “Rami” Danieli (Reprinted by permission)

In Hebrew, “husband” is “Baal.” As I wrote in the past, one of the main biblical meanings of “husband” is directly connected to the first sexual intercourse between a man and his virgin wife (“Liv’ol,” and/or, “Be’eelah.” לבעול, בעילה. A good example is found in Isa. 62:5, where the Hebrew word for “marries” is, “Iv’al” – “will enter into her”). This first sexual intercourse involves the spilling of some blood – “stamping” the marriage as “a blood covenant.” “Baal” also means “an owner” and/or, “a master.”

In last week’s Torah portion (“Bo” – Ex. 10:1-13:17) we read of the Exodus of God’s people out of Egypt. We see that the only means that enabled their Exodus, was the applying of the blood of the “Passover lamb” on their door posts and lintels (see, Ex. 12:3-13, 21-36). Yes, whoever listened to Moses’ clear instructions stayed safe – None of the first born in their household was touched by the angel of death.

Before I dive into this and last week’s Torah Portions, I would like to share with you “the big picture”/ the broader context: I believe that the Exodus of God’s people out of Egypt, was the beginning of a process of “a marriage covenant,” signed with blood, between a true Husband, the God of the universe, and Israel – His bride. To be the rightful husband/ “owner” of Israel, God needed to first pay to the “ex owner/ ex-husband – Pharaoh, what I call “a prophetic dowry.” This “prophetic dowry” was the blood of a Passover lamb, which would serve also as a picture/ foreshadow of the Blood of Yeshua – God’s ultimate Passover Lamb. The next stage of this “marriage process” took place on Mt. Sinai. It served as “the betrothal event” between Him and His bride. The final stage took place when the bride, Israel, entered her husband’s home (the Promised Land), so together they could enter into the “consummation” of that “marriage covenant process” that began in the Exodus!

In this broader context of “a husband bride relationship,” it is very interesting to read God’s words to Moses, in Ex. 11:1: “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘I will bring one more plague on Pharaoh and on Egypt. Afterwards he will let you go from there. When he lets you go, he will surely drive you out of there altogether!’” Intentionally I emphasized the last sentence, as when one reads it in its original language – Hebrew, it reveals wonderful truths, which are totally missed when read in the different English translations! Let’s see:

In Hebrew, this last sentence reads like that: “Keshalcho Kala Garesh Yegaresh Etchem Mizeh” (כשלחו כלה גרש יגרש אתכם מזה). I would like to concentrate on three Hebrew words: “Keshalcho,” “Kala,” and, “Garesh.” “Keshalcho” is based on the Hebrew root, “Sha-La-Ch” (ש.ל.ח), and means, “to send” and, “to let go.” “Kala” (כלה) speaks mainly of “ending,” “completing,” “accomplishing” “ceasing,” “consume” and, “a bride!” “Legaresh” is based on the root, “Ga-Ra-Sh” – ג.ר.ש and means, “to drive out” and, “to divorce.”

Understanding the meanings of the above three Hebrew words, a beautiful truth is revealed before our very eyes: Prior to her Exodus out of Egypt, Israel was “married”/ “owned by” Pharaoh. Just before she was redeemed out of her “ex-husband’s” dominion and grip, God, the One who was going to take her to Himself as her husband, clarified the following to Moses:

“Pharaoh will send you (“Yeshalach”) out of here like one who divorces (“Garesh”) his bride(“Kala”)!” God informs Moses that as far as it relates to Israel, soon there will be an exchange of “husbands.” The first husband (Pharaoh) is going to divorce Israel, while the new one (God) is going to marry her! Is this interpretation of Ex. 11:1 far-fetched? Is it my own (soulish) interpretation, or maybe it is supported throughout Scripture?

The biblical concept and description of “divorce” always involved two of the three above words: “Lish’loach” and, “Legaresh.” The very first time these words were used was in Gen. 3:23-24: “Therefore the Lord sent him out of the Garden (Hebrew, “Vayeshalcheu” from “Sha-La-Ch” – (ש.ל.ח of Eden…” “So, He drove out (“Vayegaresh”) the man…” What was happening in that famous Garden? It is not far-fetched to say that Adam and Eve, who were up to that tragic moment, “married” to their Creator and were “under his dominion,” in “His home.” Because of disobedience, (which, in Scripture is compared to “fornication”), they were “divorced” from Him and sent out of “His home”/ out of His dominion!

Beloved, the story of the great Exodus of our forefathers, was yet another “divorce story.” Yet, this time it was in an opposite order: It was Pharaoh – An evil and cruel “husband,” who divorced his bride (“encouraged” to do so by God’s severe Judgments on him and his land). Yes. Ancient Israel was divorced by Pharaoh so she can be married to the One to whom she was supposed to be married according to His sovereign election from before the foundation of the world! And not only this, she was restored to her true “husband” – Her God, in order to be a light to the entire world, so all humanity – Adam and Eve’s descendants, can get back to that Garden of Eden “husband and bride relationship!”

And so, the above “marriage relationship” between the Creator and Israel, was never limited to the Nation of Israel alone. We – True followers of Israel’s Messiah are part of yet a greater fulfillment of all the above. We were all once “owned by,” “married to Pharaoh” (a picture of Satan). We were all “under Egypt dominion and grip” (a picture of the world we are living in). We as well were redeemed and taken out of there by one and only one means – The precious Blood of the Passover Lamb (see, 1 Cor. 10:1-4, Heb. 3&4)! And lastly, we were all called out of Egypt so we can be a great light to our surroundings, as an integral part of Israel – “His Bride!”

Yet, “nothing is new under the Sun” (Eccl. 1:9). As it was with our forefathers, so it is with us, in these very days: As Pharaoh did not give up and continued to pursue his “ex-bride,” so Satan does not give up on us. As our forefathers needed to see God’s Mighty Hand acting on their behalf at the Red Sea (Ex. 14) so we need Him to help us cross, at times, our own “Red Seas.” As they arrived at the bitter waters of “Mara” (Ex. 15:27), and their thirst was satisfied by “a tree,” so we arrive at times at places with bitter waters and need to look at the Tree of Golgotha. We need to be reminded that Him, being hanged on that Tree, enables any kind of bitter waters in our lives to become fresh, sweet and nourishing ones!

Moreover: As He led them to the beautiful oasis of “Elim,” where they could rest and be fed by “twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees,” so we can trust Him to lead us to the waters of His Holy Words – some of which conveyed through His twelve apostles and 72 close disciples! As our forefathers needed to trust their “new husband/owner” to provide them with “meat” and “mana,” each and every day of their journey, so we need to fully trust that He is indeed our only One “Good Shepherd & Husband,” and as such, He is going to take care of all our needs!

Beloved, as our present world seems to be going down the hill, especially during the last two years, and as our “ex-husbands” ugly face is being clearly revealed from day to day, as we enter yet another one of these “desert experiences,” let us not forget who is our real and only One True “Husband.” Those of us who truly know Him, will not follow the bad example of our “forefathers,” who seemed to miss the safety and provisions they had under their ex-husband, and thus, wished to turn and go back to him (Ex. 16:2-3, 17:2-4, 17:1-7. See also 1 Cor. 10:5-13).

Those of us who truly know Him know that our real war is waged in the Heavenlies, and all we can see and experience here on Earth, is its expression. The battle is indeed the Lord’s! (Ex. 14:14, 17:8-16. See also Eph. 6:10-17)

I do believe we are already in the end of the time Scripture define as, “The Latter Days,” or, “End Times.” Even though I cannot tell how long it will still take, I do believe we are very close to His glorious return and the consummation of our “marriage covenant” with Him!

My only prayer for me, Gaby, our whole household, and for you all, is that we will indeed be found worthy of our calling, and that He will indeed wait for us ‘at the door’ and say: “Well done, good and faithful servant, you were faithful over a few things, I will make you rule over many things – ENTER INTO THE JOY OF YOUR LORD!” (Mt. 25:21, 23)

Let us continue and hold each other up in prayers and supplication before His Throne of Grace!

In His Love & Faithfulness!
Yosef and Gaby

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