Zechariah 14, Even More

Continuing still with Zechariah 14, we see the consequences received by the nations participating in the attack on Jerusalem: 12 “Now this is the plague with which Adonai will strike all the peoples that wage war against Jerusalem; their flesh will rot when they are standing on their feet; their eyes will rot in their […]

Zechariah 14 (continued)

As we continue into Zechariah’s 14th chapter, we find that the return of Yeshua to rescue Jerusalem has ongoing ripples in the sea of Israel’s place among the nations. First off are the repercussions in Nature. “In that day there will be no light, cold, or frost. It will be a day known only to […]

Zechariah 14

The 14th chapter of Zechariah begins with what appears to be an unmitigated disaster. “Behold, a day of Adonai is coming when your plunder will be divided in your midst. I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to wage war. The city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women ravished. Half of […]

Insights With Rabbi Jeff| Zechariah 12

Zechariah 12 Zechariah 12 begins with the words, “Massa d’var Adonai al Yisrael,”. “Massa”, so frequently translated “burden”, can also mean something along the order of debt. It refers to the absolute passion of the Lord for the people and land of Israel. As is so apparent from Zechariah and all the prophets, indeed, all […]


by Jonathan Feldstein My mother not only wanted me to be a lawyer, but she had me pegged as a US Supreme Court judge. Unfortunately, I never went to law school. I was thinking of this recently when I learned that three of the US Supreme Court judges with whom I have something in common, […]

US Supreme Court Israeli Passport Ruling

by D. Blackburn Recently, the United States Supreme Court ruled against a law put in place by Congress in 2002 permitting Jerusalem-born Israelis to list Israel as their place of birth on their American passports, a right currently allowed to all other Israelis. This turn of events is a blow to the efforts of Israeli […]

“If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem”

by D. Blackburn “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem,” a phrase that is often uttered, and yet, the weight and meaning behind it are seldom understood. This verse, found in Psalm 137:5, was the lament of the Psalmists upon being taunted by their captors at the beginning of the Babylonian exile. This phrase has become […]


Who are the people who today claim rights to Jerusalem and the land “occupied” by Israel? I read not long ago that these people now claim to be descendants of the Canaanites. The truth is that they don’t really know their origin. Scripture tells us that Adonai knows everything that takes place from the beginning […]