Isaiah 41

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler The first 39 chapters of Isaiah overwhelmingly contain rebuke for the chronic corruption of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, leading to the impending punishment of exile. While chapters 40-66 still contain some of this, there is more of a reminder of God’s heart for His people and assurance that, while […]

“We Wept When We Remembered Zion”

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler Psalm 137 carries a sorrowful statement of the grief felt by the people of Judah in response to the destruction of Jerusalem and subsequent exile. “By the rivers of Babylon, we wept when we remembered Zion. We hung up our harps…”  The Babylonian captors couldn’t understand this reluctance to sing and […]

Gideon: A Call in a Winepress

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler In Judges 6, Israel had again fallen into idolatry, leading to invasion and oppression by the nation of Midian. The Midianites sent their raiding parties throughout the country, stealing everything they could carry. Gideon, in order to help his family survive, loaded some grain into a winepress and was threshing it […]

Your Tax Dollar Funding Palestinian Terrorism

by Jonathan Feldstein On March 8, 2016, American Taylor Force was murdered along the Tel Aviv beach. Bashar Masalha stabbed Force and wounded 12 others, including a pregnant woman. Sadly, Force was not the first, and will likely not be the last, American victim of Palestinian Arab terror. More sadly, and shocking, your US tax […]

Sean Spicer, the Pope and the Holocaust

by Jonathan Feldstein Israel observed Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Memorial Day – this week, pausing to remember the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators. As Holocaust survivors age and die, it’s not long before our memory will be without the benefit of people who actually suffered and still bear […]

The Power of A Lamb

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler In ancient Egypt, Israel was powerless before the might of the Pharaoh and his government establishment. The people were enslaved and beaten, oppressed, forced to carry out the whims of their cruel master. Even when Moses, then an Egyptian prince, tried to rescue 2 solitary Israelis being oppressed by a solitary […]

Jephthah: The Band On The Run

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler In our previous time together, we established that the book of Judges is about Adonai’s choice of working in unconventional ways through unconventional people to accomplish His ends. Last month, we saw this demonstrated through the example of D’vorah, the female judge who was also a wife and prophetess. Today, we […]

The Prophetess and the Palm Tree

by Rabbi Jeffrey Adler The book of Judges (Shoftim) is a remarkable demonstration that God wants His people to trust in Him instead of the conventional wisdom and stratagems of typical human reason. He delivers us in unconventional ways by unconventional people. None of the judges were the types of people who would have been […]

The Week to Pray for Israel

by Jonathan Feldstein On January 15, leaders from some 70 plus countries will meet in Paris to discuss issues relating to the Arab Israel conflict, specifically between the Palestinians and Israel. There’s deep and legitimate concern that following the one sided UN Security Council Resolution 2334 last month, that this Paris gathering will be the […]

The Obama Intifada

by Jonathan Feldstein In the waning days of his presidency, and thanks to his vendetta against Israel exemplified in the betrayal at the UN on December 23 (Resolution 2334), 2017 will become the year of the Obama Intifada. If you’re not familiar with it, intifada is Arabic for, the act of “shaking off.” It’s become […]